Reduce Cost by Using a Truly Local Company

Marnevic is a family owned company that has been in Fox Creek since 1968. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service with a strong focus on safety. We also believe, if you consider the total package that Marnevic offers, you will be hard pressed to find a contractor that offers better overall value.

Marnevic’s office, shop and management are all based in Fox Creek. This means we are very familiar with the area and are close at hand to deal with any issues that arise. As an example, when equipment breaks down we are usually able to repair or replace it the same day to minimize any delay caused to your job. As well, this allows us to be extremely flexible and quickly adapt to changing situations; such as providing last minute tow cat operators, suddenly increasing/decreasing the size of the crew required & utilizing our extensive group of subcontractors. Detailed office personal able to handle big and large jobs with accurate and cost efficiency. We also have access to dedicated subcontractors and can offer lower cost options because we do not charge subsistence for jobs in Fox Creek. Call us and find out how we c

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From building the access & site, to towing the rig onto location, to maintaining the access & site once it is in production we can look after it all. We also have several gravel pits in the area and can supply material from the closest pit to help control hauling costs. The fact that we own a brand new gravel crusher ensures that we can offer a wide variety of products at a reasonable price to our customers.


Since we are local, Marnevic does not charge subsistence for jobs in the Fox Creek area. This can be a cost savings of approximately $15/hour or more depending upon shift length.


If we build your lease we do not charge standby to leave a machine sit on location unless specifically requested to do so. Most of the time we are able to leave a winch cat on location after the lease is built to help the rig move on. This reduces mobilization costs. We are also usually able to leave that winch cat on location while the rig is there in case towing is required. When we do this we do not charge standby and only charge for the hours that an operator is actually on location.


All of our equipment is repaired to manufacturer’s specifications by our staff of journeyman mechanics and welders. This means fewer break-downs, less risk to the environment, and fewer delays in getting the job done.